Guarantee protection for all items from lasts 24 months. It starts from the day of delivery. If received item(s) are damaged or incomplete it is essential to report it to courier company when delivered (state it in goods receival form of the courier company).

Later claims of incomplete or damaged item(s) may not be accepted. If you want to submit a guarantee claim, please contact us in advance. Send the concerned item(s) (after our agreement) to company which have issued an invoice for you. It is necessary to send the goods as a registered parcel. Append filled Claim form, a copy of the invoice and a check from the courier company.

After we have received your Claimed item(s) we will contact you via e-mail or telephone and we will agree on a solution to your problem. The claim will be processed in the shortest possible time, but not more than 30 days from reception of the claimed item(s). You will be informed about the result right after the completion of the claim judgement. We will contact you by e-mail. Repaired or exchanged goods will be delivered together with the Claim protocol.
Please take into consideration that real items might differ in details from pictures published on